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At Enfys Hapus Nursery, we believe the best way for children to develop their skills and confidence is through play and other relative experiences. So, instead of defined subjects, your child will join in a variety of group activities which will allow them to interact with peers, follow instructions and contribute to shared experiences.

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Pre School and EYFS

On a daily basis we create a fun and happy environment where children encounter experiences and challenges designed to develop their learning and social skills, preparing them for a great start at school.

Our pre-school programme works towards the goals of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). This is a series of objectives and outcomes developed over many years of research and consultation with parents, teachers and development experts. EYFS was established by Ofsted, the government’s Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills.

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How your child will learn

At Enfys Hapus Nursery, children learn and develop life skills and knowledge in several key areas:

Communication and Language

Talking and Listening are key skills for learning, making friends and succeeding in life. We provide children with an opportunity to experience a bilingual language environment developing confidence and skills in expressing themselves in a range of situations using the medium of Welsh and English.

Physical development

We help children develop their fine and gross motor skills, coordination, control and movement through play. We also support them to develop healthy food habits that will stay with them through life.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We encourage and support children to develop a positive sense of self, to form happy relationships and to respect other people. Your child will learn how to manage feelings, how to behave appropriately in groups and to have confidence in his or her own abilities.


At Enfys Hapus Nursery we aim to help develop your child’s skills in counting, understanding and using numbers and using simple arithmetic. We also introduce children to the concept of describing shapes, spaces and measures.

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Reading and writing are essential for success in school and a good grounding at Enfys Hapus Nursery can get your child off to a flying start. We provide a range of bilingual reading material to stimulate your child’s interest and imagination, whilst developing a reading habit that will stay with your child for life.

Understanding the world

This combines a little science with some simple geography and other subjects; it’s about exploring, observing and finding out about people, places, technology and the environment. Your child will about various cultures including the Welsh culture and will have opportunities to visit places of interest that will support the learning elements.

Expressive art and design

We combine play with art, design, music, movement, dance and role-play. We help children develop their imagination and confidence, encouraging them to share their thoughts and ideas.

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