At Enfys Hapus Nursery we offer full-time daycare, part-time daycare, wrap around services to various schools in Cardiff – including Ysgol Pwll Coch, Ysgol Pencae and Severn Road.

We are a very flexible nursery and will try and accommodate parents wherever possible. Our nursery ethos is to ensure all children are cared for and have opportunities to create strong relationships and develop within Enfys Hapus Nursery.

For all our sessions and fees or to have a look around the nursery please call 02920 666 660 to speak to one of our dedicated staff members!

Working together with parents

At Enfys Hapus we know that as a parent/carer, you are your child’s first teacher and the most important teacher they will ever have and that is why we created a family run nursery and day care centre that really is “Your Home Away From Home”.
We fully understand that leaving your child in our care for the first time can be a difficult experience. We therefore aim to work with you to ensure that you and your child is happy and that settling in to the nursery is as stress free as possible. Before children start at Enfys Hapus Nursery, we invite parents to complete a child profile form and other necessary paperwork that enables us to understand the likes, dislikes, needs and routines of individual children.

We ensure parents are provided with a copy of the nursery prospectus which will detail information about the nursery, its policies and procedures, opening hours, staff/child ratio and other relevant information. Parents will have the opportunity to discuss their requirements and/or concerns and be informed of the terms and conditions. This will take place before signing a written contract that sets out the expectations of parents regarding the care of their child and the business arrangements. This contract must be agreed and signed by both parties prior to the child starting nursery.

We also offer:
• An induction visit
• A free stay and play settling in session
• Parents evenings
• Daily information updates
• Opportunity to talk with key workers
• Copies of Menus
• Portfolio of the time children spend at Enfys Hapus Nursery
• Suggestion box
• Family events and sessions
• Parent/Carer Information board

Key Person Approach

At Enfys Hapus Nursery we are very proud of our key person approach. We assign each child with a key person so that they always have a trusted, familiar person available to them. It is a special role that involves responsibility for working with a small group of children giving them reassurance to feel safe and cared for. The key person also builds a close bond with parents/carers as we recognise that parents are their children’s most important educators.

Our key persons help our babies and children become familiar with their settings and help them to feel safe and confident within them. They build a genuine bond with their key children and offer a settled, close relationship. We understand that when children feel happy, safe and secure in this way they are confident to explore and try out new things.

Our key persons seek to build positive relationships with parents/carers and regularly talk to parents in order to ensure each child is being cared for in a home from home environment so that we can match the routines at home with your child’s day at nursery. They also keep records of each of their key child’s development and progress and share this with the child and parents as part of each child’s individual learning and developmental progression. Enfys Hapus Nursery values of trust, honesty and openness are important to the key person role and for our parents as they know they are values they can trust.

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