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Enfys Hapus Nursery is a family run setting. Enfys Hapus Nursery is a fully registered day nursery offering you the peace of mind you need when leaving your child with us. The setting is based in an old Victorian house based over 3 floors. We have space for 55 children per day.

At Enfys Hapus Nursery we are dedicated to having a happy and friendly environment. Our ethos is ensuring your child has a “Home away from home” experience.

Exceeding the level of staff to child ratio, our highly trained, qualified team can offer your child all the loving care, attention and support needed to develop and thrive in their own unique way.

Using the medium of Welsh and English, we follow the Foundation Phase, to naturally inspire your child to learn through the many exciting activities set out each day.

Our location, 187 Cathedral Road in Cardiff, allows us to be surrounded by the green open spaces of Llandaff Fields and Sophia Gardens whilst being only minutes away from the City Centre. We encourage your children to explore their beautiful surroundings.Your children will also love having the choice of walking to the local community to choose fresh ingredients for food prepared by them.

From the engaging sensory area, to the imaginative role play and construction area, creative and messy fun for your children to make lasting memories. Your children will love having the choice of walking to the local community to choose fresh ingredients for food prepared by them.

We have our own nursery cook on site to prepare and cook your children’s delicious fresh home cooked meals.

We allow your child to make their own informed choices, this helps promote independence and allows them the opportunity to explore and experience. This develops your child’s skill set in the world around them and enables them to have their own voice. Our dedicated team allow your child to be themselves. We believe allowing opportunities for children to ask questions gives your child the support them to grow and flourish.

We are located in the heart of the Cardiff city centre. The building has been renovated to maximise use for the provision of the Foundation Phase framework.

We welcome parents to the setting. Enfys Hapus have a designated calm area for parents to pop in for a chat and a cuppa. We have parents evening, Home links, Enfys the Teddy bear to take home, Story bags with props to take home and a Graduation ceremony as your child moves onto the next big milestone “big school”.

Due to COVID 19 we can no longer invite parents into the setting. If you wish to have a chat with us, we can arrange a video call, you will need to provide the cuppa!

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