Dressing for Nursery

There is no right or wrong way of dressing children for nursery however, we recommend pre-school children wear clothes and shoes that they can fasten and unfasten themselves to help promote their independence. Children that are potty/toilet training should wear clothing that they can quickly undo, to enable independence and be successful. The youngest children should wear clothes that they can easily move in, enabling them to crawl and pull to standing position.

The Nursery does provide aprons for creative activities such as baking, painting and gluing but nevertheless new or expensive clothing is not recommended as accidents do happen! Enfys Hapus Nursery is not responsible for damage or wear and tear to clothing. We encourage all children to take part in activities.

There are very few weather conditions that prevent children from enjoying Outdoor Play, just inappropriate clothing. To enable children attending our nurseries to take a safe and active part in Outdoor Play (due to our changeable weather conditions), we request your support in providing the following for your child:

Suitable clothing for wet days > raincoats/all in ones and Wellies
Suitable clothes for cold days > coats, hats, gloves and scarves
Suitable clothing for sunny days > sun hats (preferably with a flap to cover the backs of their necks)

For all children’s safety, we advise against children wearing jewelry to nursery and small clips and hair slides that could be a choke hazard.

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