Outdoor Activities

Outdoor Play/Chwarae yn yr Awyr Agored
At Enfys Hapus Nursery we encourage children to enjoy a range of outdoor activities. Our nursery garden offers children the opportunity to plant and grow, climb and slide, make mud pies and experience nature. Our prime location opposite Llandaff Playing Fields and Sophia Gardens enables us to take children on a walk every day in order for them to enjoy outdoor play in different environments.
Our outdoor play activities will:
• Support the development of active and healthy lifestyles
• Offer children and opportunity for physical activity, freedom and movement
• Promote a sense of wellbeing
• Encourage contact with the natural world
• Provide experiences that are unique to the outdoors i.e. weather conditions
• Offer children the ability to understand and respect nature, the environment and the interdependence of humans, animals, plants and life cycles
• Support the development of problem solving skills
• Encourage nurture creativity
• Helps to develop imagination, inventiveness and resourcefulness
• Develops children’s physical capabilities
• Helps children to develop through active movement as well as sensory and physical activities, which supports brain development

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