Construction Area

At Enfys Hapus Nursery we understand that children learn faster in their early years than at any other time in their life. Our construction area allows young minds to develop as it provides children with a wide range of open ended activities that will allow them to grow and progress to their full potential.

Our resources enable children to experiment with some scientific principles such as surface friction, centres of gravity and potential energy. One of the most important areas of play involves building with construction toys of all kinds. This is an important creative and learning experience for boys and girls of all ages. Even the simple act of reaching for a block teaches the child how far they can reach before they fall over, the consequences of one’s actions. The benefits last for a lifetime.

Our construction area offers the most open-end opportunities for children to design and create imaginative structure. Using abstract, modular forms, our construction toys present a ‘what if’ question and allow children to construct and continually modify their own representations. It allows children to develop life skills such as problem solving and helps them to overcome physical and mental challenges.

Playing with a variety of building and creative products will help children to build self-confidence and encourages their independent learning. This area of play will foster strong social development and help children develop their fine and gross motor movements as well as their eye-hand coordination.

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