Bilingualism – English and Welsh Language

At Enfys Hapus Nursery, we are committed to promoting the use of the Welsh language.

Our aim is to:

  • encourage and support children from Welsh speaking families to continue the use of the Welsh language throughout their time at our nursery by providing “Your Home Away From Home” environment.
  • provide a Welsh speaking Key Worker to support children to develop their use of the Welsh Language.
  • to ensure plentiful provision of Welsh-medium activities for children and young people and to increase their awareness of the value of the language
  • to strengthen the position of the Welsh language in the community by encouraging and supporting children to use the Welsh Language when we are out in the community.
  • to increase opportunities for people to use Welsh in the workplace by actively recruiting Welsh speaking staff and by offering non welsh speaking staff the opportunity to learn the Welsh Language

For children attending Enfys Hapus from English speaking households, we will also ensure we support the development of the English language as well as offer them an opportunity to learn the Welsh language. Young children are better equipped at learning and understanding a second language naturally.

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